Blossburg Borough PA

Police Department

Blossburg Borough Police Department
245 Main Street
Blossburg, PA 16912

Emergencies .. Dial 911
570-638-3134 - OFFICE
570-638-5508 FAX

Office Hours: Monday through Friday - 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for non-emergncy tips, questions, etc.

Josh McCurdy, Chief


  • Robert Scott, Corporal
  • Brian Isaacson
  • Damon Cole

Police Statement Form

The Blossburg Borough Police Department is a part time municipal police agency that provides protection for Blossburg Borough and Hamilton Township. Our department consists of 2 full time officers and two part time officers; providing protection 7 days/week at approximately 128 hours/week of patrol with on call officers during other times. The department operates two 2013 Ford Interceptor Utility police vehicles. During the summer months and special events, the department conducts specialized patrols using its 2 mountain bikes outfitted with police patrol packages.

Blossburg PD also participates in MCSAP (Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program) through the PA State Police's Commercial Vehicle Division. Our Corporal is certified to conduct these safety inspections and place potentially dangerous vehicles out of service.

If you need to speak with an officer for a non-emergency reason, you can contact our office at 570-638-3134. Please leave a message and the duty officer will contact you. This may include such things as returning a 5 day warning card, an on-going investigation, or for general information. If you have an emergency, need to report criminal activity, or need to speak with an officer immediately, contact our communications center by dialing 911 or 570-724-4666. Unlike our office, the communications center is staffed 24 hours a day and will direct your call to the duty officer. Please do not attempt to contact officers on their personal numbers or at their homes. This will cause a time delay as 911 can immediately notify the duty officer to respond via radio.


Q: I received a parking ticket in Blossburg Borough. Where can I go to take care of it?

A: You can take your parking ticket to the Blossburg Borough office located at 245 Main Street and pay it there. Most violations are $5. You can contact our police office at 570-638-3134 with any concerns regarding the violation.

Q: I was stopped by a Blossburg Police Officer and he stated that I was being recorded visually and audibly. What does that mean?

A: Blossburg patrol cars are equipped with mobile video recorders with the option to wear a remote voice recorder. Officers may also be wearing a body camera. Most, if not all traffic encounters are recorded for evidentiary reasons. Per state law (Title 18, 5704 (16)), officers are not required to obtain permission to record on traffic stops, but must advise the occupants as soon as practical.

Q: I would like to have an officer come to my (business, school, group) and present safety information. Who do I contact?

A: Anyone wishing for our officers to participate in community relations can contact Chief McCurdy at 570-638-3134. We have presented at many events and to several groups in the past. We are always willing to be proactive in our community.

Q: I was stopped by an officer and received a Faulty Equipment Notice. How do I take care of it?

A: Ensure the items listed on the notice or warning card are corrected. You can have any police officer or inspection station sign off that the items has been repaired. Then return the notice to our office located at 245 Main Street, Blossburg, PA. Failure to comply with these notices may result in citations.

Q: I was involved in a crash and need a copy of the police report. How do I obtain a copy?

A: Crash reports are normally requested and obtained by the insurance companies directly. You can also receive a copy of a crash report for a processing fee of $15.

Q: I sometimes see Blossburg Police Officers with different uniforms. Why is that?

A: Depending on that officer's daily assignment or weather conditions, he could wear 1 of 3 different uniforms. The standard patrol uniform is a French blue shirt with navy blue pants. A MCSAP officer will wear navy blue BDUs. A bike patrol officer will wear a blue polo shirt with reflective writing with either shorts or long pants.


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